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Remuneration For Research

An appeal to my clients

I have been researching on Anthro-biometry for the past 30 years now.I am the only one who has been researching on this topic since the past 1200 years.

The upliftment and downfall of mankind is born from the universe.I understood its strong truth. Hence I called it anthro-biometry.Anthro biometry is an ancient mathematical knowledge about man. Similar to the phenomenon of the aurora surrounding the sky, mankind is surrounded by invisible colours from the universe. The only object which can be used to make these invisible colours visible is my art - the Anthro biometric art. High investment is required to create this art .We have used clients who had invested in this art and they had attained success likewise. My clients might feel that his or her success was an absolute 100 percent but as a researcher this success stands at a percentage of 60 to 70 for me. The requirement I need to reach a 60 to 80 or to 70 to 90 percentages is a source of worldwide rich clients. Only a rich client can support this cause. Therefore by using the Anthro-biometric art along with the Anthro-biometric science help your development and help the development of our science.

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