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Bio Graphy

This Mystic who has gained expertise it understanding Cosmic energy and forces started out as a draftsman and then he realized the futility of architectural drawings and began his quest connections between "geometry and man’ and ‘geometry and God.’ In his quest, he came upon a scientific journal about Sri Chakra, an ancient Hindu ritualistic symbol of the cosmic created by Adi guru Sankaracharya. He has used the Sri Chakra principle to conduct many predictions on famous personalities, their careers and the lives based on energy readings. He has given his unique method of understanding energies and creating Cosmic Drawings a name - Anthro-uni-metric (AUM). Using the AUM, which is based on the alphabets in the name, date of birth, Muthukrishnan predicted in January 2005 that Lakshmi Nivas Mittal, the UK-based, NRI steel magnate, wil face adversities as he is crossing the Carbon Phase (downtrend period). In about six months, 20th June 2005 to be precise, Mittat, as predicted, faced severe adversities ‘n South Africa where he was dragged into a legal battle over the acquisition of a South African steel plant. Muthukrishnan used Sri Chakra with science and spirituality and developed at intrinsic mode of prediction. He has continued to make predictions based on these energy readings using the Sri Chakra. Today, Muthukrishna is the most widely acclaimed Antrobiomertricist it Indian and Southeast Asia. To advance his field of AUM, he has founded the Sri Chakra’s Anthro Uni Biometric Research and Development Center. The center is based on Muthukrishnan's thought, belief, and his Findings on the Sri Chakra.