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The unique concept of harmonizing universal energy grid with individual energy fields to build a positive energy Patten around an individual was hitherto an unexplored arena. In technical tem1s, this unique art called Antrobiometry, which is an ancient practice of using universal energy grid that is represented in certain existing cosmic symbols to measure the energy fields of human beings. Using this ancient technique of Antrobiometry along with a Combination of perceptions and Experimentations, RKS Muthukrishnan, a widely known Anthrobiometricist in India as well as Southeast Asia, has developed an inimitable talent to transform energy fields of each Individual Into color vibrations depicted in his exceptional and innovative Cosmic Paintings

These color vibrations of an individual illustrated in the Cosmic Paintings, have the potential to balance disruptive energy fields of human being sand coerce them to work in tandem with the universal system. Transforming cosmic energy fields to create color vibrations and harmonize individual force with universal force is the field where RKS Muthukrishnan has gained expertise.

The Egyptian Code trailer
Book of Chief Executive style

.....CEOs are “ personalizing”( ASID;s word) their officers now more than ever. “moving away from institution standards toward designs that express a certain amount of individu- ality,”reports the society.CEOs are” expressing their personal taste”through:original artwork (67%), custom-built furniture ( 36%) and and authentic antiques (25%)......

Chapter:  Opening ( and closing) of the American office (pg-27)                  Courtesy:

The Egyptian Code
The Secret Code Used By Pharaohs that Can Turn Small Businesses into Empires

Physical book
ISBN-10: 1460987462
Audio book
ISBN-10: 1460987462